Sunday, August 31, 2008

31st August!!Independent day at St.Aloysius

31st of August!!!this is a day when all the Malaysian celebrate the big event where we as a Malaysian reach an independent....Merdeka!!Merdeka!!Merdeka!!
So this year the 31st August is a kind of special due it fall on Sunday.So,try to imagine what it will be when it fall on the same day.Yes,absolute interesting and fun.Why?well,we got holiday for independent day and the mass are also special.
On this day,the mass were held on 7.30am by Rev.Fr.Jasery and were leads by the Women League.A song of "Negaraku" also been sang for this day during the mass.What a special occasion....

The start of the mass

The Limbanak's Communion Minister

Enjoy jadi choirs.

Nyanyi jan tidak nyanyi.

The women's league.

Senyuman orang kuat2.

The Limbanak's Women League & Limbanak's Youth as the choir during the mass.The smiley musician was Melvin Suah...hahaha

This is during "kapatakan" done by Limbanak's Women League

"Bah,Jude!Sedia kau...datang sudah tu!!banyak lagi kapatakan dorang tu"-Fr.Jasery
"No problem Father....sedia bertindak"-Jude

"Nah,pigang betul-betul ni collection,Glenn...jatuh ko pungut"-Antonio
"Ok!Ok!Concentrate ni...saya tinguk betul-betul ni"-Glenn

After the mass,here is the time for chit-chat.Here are the faces,familiar with those?

Senyum kama kamu.Ready.Cheese.-Fr.Jasery.

Eh,satu kali lagi.

Fonilla [The youth]-Kami punya Readers.


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