Monday, September 15, 2008

OutReach P'pang Youths(B.M.K) in Terian & Buayan/St.Aloysius' Limbanak Altar Knight 1st Outreach Mass

On the 12th - 14th of September 2008,the Altarknights of St.Aloysius Limbanak had been given an opportunity for going for a trip with Fr.Jasery and other more youths from Penampang and Lahad Datu to Terian and Buayan.The trip was about 35-38 people.For the group Limbanak's AltarKnight,there are 8 members went for it and the largest group with the trip was from Limbanak...Hooray for Limbanak!!! Here is the members of the limbanak's altarknight group:

Jorry(Limbanak Altarknight's Advisor & Leader)/Donald(Limbanak Altarknight's Media & Unit2 Member) From Left:Jerry/Colly(Limbanak Altarknight's Unit3 Member)/Emon/Antonio(Limbanak Altarknight's Unit2 Leader)/Orlando(Limbanak Altarknight's Unit2 Member)/Elvin(Limbanak AltarKnight's Unit3 Member) On the first day of the trip,all the B.M.K youths had gathered at Timpangoh Sugud at 9am.After a short briefing,all B.M.K youths had been seperated to 3 groups and start the expedition.It took about 6 hours to walk to reach Terian.It sure was a tiring walk especially to walk along the lorry's muddy road due to it was very hot from the sun and the road was sticky during the day because of the raining on that day. Toguron-"Nah,ko tengok tu Reynold,Nahandai sudah si Melvin...haha".Reynold-"Muhau punya Toguron,ketawa lagi orang jatuh" Maggie-"Nah,kan!Sasat sudah kita,siok saja ko bawa kami bah" The men with the yellow scarf is Reynold,The B.M.K main organizer and leader.This was taken during the muddy road Picture Up:Tired Otu resting with Donald Picture Down:Here is we meet with those from Lahad Datu member and join with them At noon,we meet with Fr.Jasery and his group and had a short break and lunch before we go on with our expedition.At here about 30% of our energy had been used and still a long walk to go....oh god!!what a long expedition!!and still a lot of river to cross!! After resting and waiting for the others to come,we continue our walk and a short prayer before we go on,here we will go across about 7 rivers.Here is the interesting part,after the rain in the morning,the river's water had rised but still we manage to reach the destination safety. After crossing tons of rivers,finally we reach Terian.It is a small village about 30-50 peoples.The villager welcome us with our arriving to their village.We and the others B.M.K stay at the old chapel which now is a hall for the villager to gathering.We took a bath,had a small snack,rest up a bit and prepare for the mass in the evening,while in the same time also waiting for the 2 others more group which is coming.At the same time,Fr.Jasery had conducted a confession for the villagers which is a rare opprtunity for them.... Up:The Limbanak's AltarKnight members are resting and having a snack Mid:The B.M.K. choir's group are practicing for the evening mass Down:Fr.Jasery after finishing conducting Confession session for the villagers. ...Maybe you think all are only pictures we provided,and want more...sure!here some video been taken during this time.enjoy!!
At evening,the long awaited mass had come.This is the first time in the B.M.K outreach expedition where AltarKnight were been used during the mass and all the AltarKnight are from Limbanak due to it is the group of Altarknight also.The chapel are crowded with us from Penampang Youth's,Lahad Datu group,the villagers from different ages old,young,and kids are all around.What an event.... After the mass,a greeting speech by the katekis of Kg.Terian been make.An a picture taking were done...these are the beautiful and most precious moment.Look and see the will and spirit by the group with Fr.Jasery to come here which took 6 hours to walk!!! This is the Katekis of kg.Terian Finished with photo taking,now is the time for dinner,after a food prayer lead by Fr.Jasery,now it is time for restoring energy and some drinks... Food prayer by Fr. Cindy gathering the childen for snackgiving...the childen were really happy Gilbert taking the food,look like their are hungry?hehe Menford playing guitar for after dinner..some singing for fun The katekis having a chit-chat with the others villagers

Here is the second day,on this day,we having a morning prayer-a rosary at one of the villager house.The morning rosary prayer been leads by Sister from Sacred Heart.Here are the pictures. This was taken when all were on the way to the one of the villager's house for morning prayer This is the Sister who leads the morning prayer. After the morning rosary,we having our breakfast here,we will be walking a long way to Buayan,so having breakfast to gains energy is a must for us. Gilbert and Charles having breakfast Toguron with the others Here is the picture taken before we start our journey to Buayan.One for all & all for one!! After that,we went back to the chapel and gathered all our bags and getting ready to go!!Like always,all of us been split to 3 different group.This time we took the first group so that we can reach early to our destination and rest early.We started at 9.30am and we reach Buayan around 2pm. pick up bags and get ready to go Gathering with the others before going
On the way we go to Buayan,there are a few check point been make so that we can rest along the way,here is some of the pictures taken along the way we go to Buayan.

1st check point

2sd check point

3rd check point

4th check point

5th check point

After the 5th check point,we had reach Buayan village.But,before we went there,we took a rest near the nice and clear blue river.So,we had a swam there.Surely,the water is cystal clear and cool.

After this,we will post back about the activities been in Buayan Village.Keep updating with us.Thank you!!

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