Wednesday, September 3, 2008

St.Aloysius Charity Lucky Draw

Last 31st August,LCCPC(Limbanak Pastoral) had done the long awaited lucky draw.Well,the purpose of this lucky draw was to build a classroom for the children of Sunday School.The estimate for building a classroom are around RM300,000++.Wow...that surely is a lot sum of money needed to be use for a building a classroom.Anyway,I think LCCPC had sure working hard for this and we as are St.Aloysius' Community are well see their hardworking for these past 3 months.....Congratulations for the LCCPC for the effort!!!Let's give them a big clap!!

Anyway,for everyone who had buy the lucky draw but still did't know the result,Here by,I proudly post the lucky number for all of you.....Jeng!Jeng!Jeng!And the winner are......

Consolation Prize

  1. 028884 6. 031307

  2. 010250 7. 021934

  3. 019643 8. 023154

  4. 008625 9. 006162

  5. 018056 10. 031635

Main Prize

  1. 031312

  2. 003864

  1. 014548

  2. 032262

  3. 003914

So,if your lucky draw number got these number here,don't wait!!Directly claim your prizes due it is very worthy and your ticket only valid for 30 days from 31st August for you to claim it.

1 comment:

bibie said...

yg anu, emm,
yg consolation 3.019643 kn..
ady kana tue...
c sylviana...
da kna trika...hihi^^